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Meet the Pastor

My name is Lori Arnott Lawlor, born in Canada.   I’m sure you’re reading this, because you want to know a bit more about the leader of this church.  First, let me say thanks for checking out our web site.


I became a Christian as a little girl, 3 years old, when my Dad (John Arnott) introduced me to Jesus.  I still remember the day, and the feelings I had.  I can say that through the years, the faithfulness of The Lord has been very real to me.  Learning of the Father’s unconditional love, and the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit, have come to mean more and more to me.


I would have said, prior to 1996, that I never wanted to be in full time ministry; the occasional ministry trip was enough for me.  However, in 1996 I had a life-changing vision of The Lord. He told me in that vision, that “He is my reward – that it is all about Him”.  

That encounter/experience profoundly changed me.  I realised I would do anything for Him.


I've been privileged to have had wonderful encounters and exposure to the things of God, even as a child.  

I remember my Dad taking me to Kathryn Kuhlman meetings, and on one occasion turned to me with tears in his eyes saying, “Honey, can you feel that? That’s the presence of the Holy Spirit!”.  For me, the bar has been set very high regarding the tangible Presence of God.  The years serving in Toronto added much to my experience of working alongside others ‘hosting God’s presence, daily’.


I came to England in 2000 with one primary mandate – to make a place for Him.  I want to make room for God in my life, and in our church.  He really is the kindest person I’ve ever known.  I want to pursue real encounters with Him, and in a public setting, encourage others to do the same. It’s my heart to love Him most of all!

I know that I am in England for His purposes.  We all have a place in these final days before the Lord’s return – to prepare for Revival.  I, for one, want to make lots of space for the Holy Spirit to lead us into Revival – whatever, whenever.


I am determined to facilitate in any way I can – the presence of the Lord Himself in our church.  I know that if He is there – it will be good! May the goodness and mercy of God chase after you too!





Lori Arnott Lawlor